Delamore Retirement Community


All Residents moving into Delamore Retirement Community pay an ingoing contribution (the cost of the Unit or Serviced Apartment) and in return they receive the Right to Reside within Delamore Retirement Community for as long as they choose in accordance with information enclosed in our:

  • Application for Residence
  • Residence Agreement
  • Public Information Document

In accordance with relevant legislation, Delamore Retirement Community is required to establish three funds to account for all financial transactions within the Community.

We encourage all potential new Residents to seek independent legal and financial advice and will willingly supply copies of draft documentation upon request. Potential new Residents will be supplied with as much information as they require to make an informed decision and we welcome questions and clarification where required.

We regularly review our accommodation pricing to ensure our pricing models are reflective of the current market.

For more information and up to date pricing information please contact us.



Annual operating costs are determined by the Delamore Retirement Community management team and monthly fees are established in accordance with all legislative requirements. Residents are advised at the Annual General Meeting of any increases and the fees are then paid on a monthly basis via direct debit. Please telephone 07 3357 7028 for the current fee schedule.



In conformity with the Retirement Village Act 1999 Delamore Retirement Community charges an Exit Fee when vacating accommodation within the Community. The Exit Fee is calculated at a percentage per annum of your original ingoing Contribution (cost of your Unit or Serviced Apartment).

Village Comparison


This document offers general information about our retirement village accommodation, services and facilities, including general costs relating to moving, living and leaving Delamore Retirement Community. This makes it easier for you to compare retirement villages. Click here to view our Comparison Document PDF.