Friends of Delamore – Meet Judy

I am a young 80 year old who came to Delamore when I was a younger 77 year old. I’d had careers in nursing, teaching, social work, service management and Aged Care – which I am not yet in! I Came to Delamore because it was time. One knows this moment in one’s heart. In my case a close friend played a big part in helping me recognise the appropriateness of selling up & moving. Being tech savvy she searched the web and directed me to have a look. I visited and liked the feel of the place. No heirarchly of management, close to facilities, spiritual values, affordable and not too big!

After two and a half years I am very happy to be here at Delamore. One reason is that it has somehow attracted some of the nicest people. I’m still wondering how they did that. We are small enough to know each other by name and respectful enough to honour privacy along with appropriate care for each other.

The greenery that surrounds the buildings and the massive trees, so close to inner city suburbia is a delight. An active Residents Committee and Social Group are focused on our needs and interests. The Franciscan Sisters who established Delamore some 30 years ago have implanted a lovely spirit which honours simplicity and care for the stately Heritage Delamore house, around which our units are built.

If you are looking to do what I have done, make sure you look at Delamore! The friend who “found” Delamore for me has herself moved from New South Wales to herself live here! See… Delamore is catching!